The Game of Life

“Leela is life itself,

energy expressed as the myriad forms

and feelings presented continuously to the self.”


The story of Leela starts in Northern India around 2000 years ago. At that time it was not really habitual to claim the authorship, however a legend tells that 7 great sages -Rishis- decided to illustrate the entire path of spiritual growth. The way they played the game is a perfect example for players of today. 

They met once a week and moved only one step at a time. For the following seven days the Rishis contemplated how the message of this single step unfolded in the events of their lives and in their mind. On the next meeting they would share their experience and insights, and then threw the dice once again.


In order to step into the cycle of spiritual growth, the player firstly has to have a desire to play, this willingness of consciousness to experience birth, and throw out a six on the dice.
When a question is asked sincerely enough, usually a feeling of confidence and warmth arises in the chest, indicating that the blessing of higher power is being given. Therefore a player can confidently roll a six. At the start of the game, each player as a first move gets three tries to roll a six. If they were unsuccessful, the player passes the die to the other players. While waiting for the next turn it is reasonable to ask yourself the following questions: Why have I failed to start the game from my first try? Can I rephrase my question, put it in better words? Do I feel a lack of confidence to begin the game? Is there any anxiety in the body which needs to be dealt with?

About master of the game

Evgeny Zemlyanin is leading Leela game since 2007. During those years he introduced hundreds of people to this ancient knowledge in yoga studios and festivals. As well Evgeny was working on creating the design of Leela board. The last four years he organized courses for those who wants to lead Leela game.  Evgeny was also one of the initiators for translating Leela’s commentary book into Lithuanian language. Every week there is a possibility to meet with Leela game. There are organized events where everyone is welcomed. 

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