Individual game Leela with a guide online

This game is more than real – it is able to reveal the sacred mysteries of your Soul and help you realize the Essence of the One Divine Game called Lila.
The game helps to realize desires, destroys stereotypes, enlightens the mind, expands consciousness. Lila reveals obstacles on the path of realization and helps to overcome them. To play this Game means to come into contact with the divine wisdom and mystical spaces of your soul.


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In the game, you must have a request or a question about your life, destiny. Through the game, you will see how it unfolds in your life, what helps or hinders the implementation. Leela gives answers to deep questions;

A notepad and a pen will come in handy.
Duration: 2+2 hours.
Number of participants from 1 to 6
Participation fee: 150 Euro.

It is better if you participate through a device with a large screen.
The game will take place in Skype, we will send you the link to the broadcast after payment.

Registration is required:
Eugene +37062962145


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